Report of Dr. Yutang Lin's Dharma Activities in 2010

Fire Pujas: 24 times, total 809 times.
Dragon Vases: 12 times, 159 vases, total 3,575 vases.
Releasing of Lives: 49 times, 609,417 lives released; total 735 times, and 19,692,708 lives released.
Cemetery Visits: 249 times; total 1,485 times. 230 cemeteries ever visited.
(The total numbers of the four kinds of Dharma activities above are obtained by including Guru Chen's recorded numbers since 1972.)

Virtual Cemetery Visits: 1029 cemeteries, total 3974 cemeteries.
Lectures in Chinese, 3 times; in English, 5 times; radio broadcast once; total 161 times.
Expositions on requested topics: 23 times.
Visited Taipei, Nan Tou and Tai Nan in Taiwan, Bei Jing in China, Germany and Poland, and conducted many Dharma activities over there, including releasing of lives, fire pujas, offering of Dragon vases, cemetery visits, lectures, etc.
Prayed for People daily, and replied to at least over twenty Dharma-related emails daily.
Powa Services: 149 times; total 3,365 times.
119 works written or translated in Chinese and English; a few of these were works done by some disciples under my supervision. In addition, there were over one hundred Dharma activities reports.
Upon requests from disciples and Buddhists, 19 pieces of calligraphy written on poems, praises, Bodhi vows, gathas, mantras, epithets and titles.
More than 38 volumes of the 48 volumes of Guru Chen's Complete Works have been posted or offered for free downloading at Yogi Chen's Homepage at that offers over 2,100 articles and books in Chinese, English, Polish, Vietnamese and Italian, free services of Powa, and gifts of books, audio tapes, CD, holy images and mantra sheets.
Now we have two websites dedicated to my works: and, and each site is offering over 4,100 pieces of my works in Chinese or English. In addition, there is one Polish website dedicated to Yogi Chen's works and mine:
This year 2,373 book-requests came through these websites; total 10,010 book-requests. In addition, there are book requests through letters, emails or fax.
Upon requests I gave disciples or other people 44 Dharma names, personal names or company names this year; total number of names I have given over the years, since around 1995, are 208.
In recent years, under my supervision and blessing, some disciples and Dharma friends in USA, China, Taiwan, and Malaysia had started to conduct some Dharma activities on their own. Some worked together to offer Guru Chen's Complete Works and my works on-line for all to study freely. Some offered photos of cemeteries for us to visit virtually. Some posted photos of our Dharma activities for all to share. Some conducted, on a regular basis, releasing of lives, cemetery visits and/or mantra-sheets burning to help those in need. Some offered Dharma seals or Dharma images. Some offered Thangkas, especially the Guru Golden Guan Yin one was offered through much effort. Some printed books of Guru Chen's works, my works and related works, cards of holy images with mantras and praises, mantra sheets, mantra-wheel sheets or cards, hanging ornaments or bookmarkers containing holy images or Dharma seals and my poems in English or Chinese. Some made CD of Chanting Amitabha. Some had my poems used as lyrics in songs custom-made for them. All were done for free distribution.
All Dharma activities above were smoothly accomplished thanks to dedicated help from some disciples. And I am pleased to acknowledge their services here.     This year 3 books in Chinese printed for free distribution, and their English versions are also printed for free distribution: Tang Poems in New Style,Aspects of Impermanence, Ways to Follow a Guru. Also the Chinese version of Sadhana of Bodhisattva Earth Treasure was reprinted for free distribution. In addition several kinds of holy images and mantra sheets were printed for free distribution.
This year disciples in Malaysia made an audio CD, Pureland Melodies, for free distribution, and disciples in Taiwan made Five-chakra Nutrients Nectar Pills for free distribution.


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